SharpEye radar can detect small pirate boat

The Irish Naval Service has selected Kelvin Hughes to provide SharpEye radar and the MantaDigital display as part of its fleet’s incremental upgrade programme.

Under the contract, Kelvin Hughes will provide the systems for installation on the Irish Navy’s vessels over a three year period as the ships become available for or require a refit.

Kelvin Hughes sales central region head Rohan Dearlove said, "The enhanced performance of SharpEye will undoubtedly enable the Service’s vessels to operate more effectively."

Designed to provide enhanced situational awareness capability, particularly in adverse conditions and high sea states, the SharpEye can operate in the harshest maritime conditions.

SharpEye radar, available in both I-band (X-band) and E/F-band (S-band) technology, is used by navies, military, vessel traffic services, border, coastal surveillance and security agencies, and critical infrastructure operators.

In addition to providing enhanced situational awareness to a multitude of platforms, the radar offers early warning of smaller targets and enhances the ability of the operator to detect targets in clutter that are invisible to other radar technologies.

The Kelvin Hughes-developed MantaDigital multifunction navigation workstation provides radar, electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) and conning display mode functionality on its screen for users to offer relevant navigation information.

The platform features dual PPI, enhanced target detection (ETD) and ice detection, chart radar, dynamic clutter suppression, vessel predictor, radar overlay as well as Sharpeye radar and enhanced target processing compatibility.

Capable of improving the ship’s navigational safety, Kelvin Hughes says the workstation also offers greater situational awareness, informed decision making, increased system flexibility and continuous backup functionality.

Image: SharpEye radar can detect small craft better than conventional marine radar. Photo: Picture courtesy of Eunavfor.

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