The Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) has received the seventh Soryu-class submarine from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) at the MHI Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works, Hyogo Prefecture, Tokyo.

To be deployed by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), the Jinryu is the fourth submarine built by the company.

The Soryu-class series carries a hydrodynamic design based on the Oyashio-class submarine. It has a larger displacement than any other submarine class in JMSDF’s service.

"Engines provide a total power output of 2,900kW surfaced and 6,000kW when submerged."

Featuring computer-aided X control planes, the hull form is made of high tensile steel and is covered with anechoic coating to reduce the reflection of acoustic waves.

Interiors of the submarine boast acoustic isolation of loud components, while the design incorporates highly automated systems.
Construction on the boat started on 14 February 2012 and was launched on 8 October 2014.

Equipped with Stirling engines for increased propulsion performance and underwater endurance, the submarine supports advanced submerged operations.

In addition, the onboard high-performance sonar improves surveillance operations. The submarine also features stealth capabilities and has enhanced safety measures such as snorkel equipment.

Soryu is powered by a diesel-electric propulsion system. Two Kawasaki 12V 25/25 SB-type diesel engines and four Kawasaki Kockums V4-275R Stirling engines provide a total power output of 2,900kW surfaced and 6,000kW when submerged.

The company claims to have produced a total of 26 submarines at the MHI Kobe Shipyard over the last seven decades.