Italian Hardsuite

OceanWorks has successfully completed a major system upgrade for the Italian Navy’s first atmospheric diving system (ADS) for providing improved operational, maintenance and training capabilities.

As part of a contract, the company has successfully upgraded the navy’s first Hardsuit to the Quantum II configuration.

The latest configuration overhaul includes installation of Saab Seaeye SM7 thrusters and a completely re-designed and electronics, communication and monitoring system to enable better control and monitoring of the system performance by pilot and supervisor.

During the upgrade and refurbishment period, the company had an option to replace the ADS system on a temporary basis to ensure uninterrupted rescue and salvage capabilities for the Italian Navy.

In order to enable the navy to remain updated on the advanced functions of the upgraded system, the company also provided a two-week pilot and technician training course.

"Upgrades to the Hardsuit ADS system will help the force to boost its submarine rescue capabilities."

Representing a strong commitment by the Italian Navy, upgrades to the Hardsuit ADS system, along with a major survey and training, will help the force to boost its submarine rescue capabilities.

The system has been designed to support range of missions for military, including search, salvage, aircraft crash site investigation and recovery, test weapons recovery and submarine emergency ventilation and decompression system (SEVDS) deployment.

In addition, the system can be used for emergency life-support stores pod posting, acoustic and degaussing range service and inspection, harbour and defence infrastructure inspection, equipment deployment and recovery, as well as mine countermeasures support.

The Hardsuit ADS is also currently in service with navies of Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, UK and US.

Image: The Italian Hardsuit was first refurbished in 1999. Photo: © 2013 OceanWorks International.

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