The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress of the potential $300m foreign military sale (FMS) of SH-60F Sea-Hawk helicopter equipment and support to Israel.

Approved by the US State Department, Israel has requested for up to twelve T-700 GE 401C engines, ten installed and two spares; eight AN/APN-194(V) radar altimeters; eight AN/APN-217A doppler radar navigation sets; and eight AN/ARN-15l (V)2 global positioning systems.

The proposed deal also covers eight AN/APX100(V) identification friend or foe (IFF) transponder sets, eight OA-8697 A/ARD direction finding groups, eight AN/ARN-118(V) NAV receivers, eight AN/ARN-146 on top position indicators, sixteen IP-1544A/ASQ-200 horizontal situation video displays (HSVD), and eight AN/ARC-174A (V) two HF radios.

"The sale is expected to help improve Israel’s ability to meet current and future threats."

Additionally, the sale involves the delivery of 16 AN/ARC182(V) UHF/UHF radios; eight PIN 70600-81010-011 communication system controllers; eight GAU-16 50 calibre machine guns; eight M-60D/M-240 machine guns; eight internal auxiliary fuel tanks; 16 external auxiliary fuel tanks; and eight C-11822/AWQ controllers, armament system.

Under a separate notification, Israel has also been approved to procure eight SH-60F Sea Hawk helicopters through the Excess Defense Articles (EDA) programme.

The sale is expected to help improve Israel’s ability to meet current and future threats.

Science and Engineering Services, and General Electric (GE) will be the principal contractors for the sale.

The SH-60F Sea-Hawk helicopter for Israel is expected to conduct troop / transport deployment, communications relay, gunfire support, and search-and-rescue.

It will also be engaged in secondary missions, such as vertical replenishment, combat search-and-rescue, and humanitarian missions.

Israel intends to use the capability to combat regional threats and to boost its homeland defence.

Image: A SH-60B Seahawk2 helicopter. Photo: courtesy of US Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman James R. Evans.