The Iranian Navy’s domestically built Mowj-class guided-missile destroyer Jamaran has been equipped with chaff and flare-dispensing systems.

Integrated behind the 76mm artillery, called Fajr 27, on the destroyer’s deck, the chaff and flares are passive and defensive countermeasures, aimed at confusing and diverting enemy radar-guided or infrared-guided missiles.

"The chaff and flares are passive and defensive countermeasures."

The Asr phased-array radar, which has also been integrated on the Iranian Navy’s Damavand and Sahand destroyers, has the potential to detect and identify targets with a radar cross section of 4m over a 200km distance.

It can be deployed on a range of naval missions and to detect aerial targets such as cruise missiles, the Fars News Agency reported.

Designed with a helipad to carry helicopters and equipped with modern radars and electronic warfare capabilities, Jamaran is a multi-purpose destroyer integrating anti-submarine capabilities with defence systems for surface, air and undersea warfare.

The vessel has a displacement capacity of 14,000t and is armed with a range of anti-ship, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, in addition to torpedoes, a smart Nour (light) missile and modern naval cannons.

Mowj-class vessels can accommodate a crew between 120 and 140, and cruise at a maximum speed of 30k.

Iran has domestically manufactured radar systems with ranges up to 3,000km.