The Iranian Navy has received six upgraded and refurbished missile-launching vessels, including two Sirik-class and Kalat-class vessels, in addition to four Fajr, Shams, Fath and Nour warships.

Currently deployed for logistical and sea patrolling missions, the upgraded vessels have now been integrated with surface-to-surface cruise missiles.

A further ten navy vessels are being armed with missile systems including Nasr, Nour and Qader cruise missiles, Fars News Agency reported.

"The upgraded vessels have now been integrated with surface-to-surface cruise missiles."

The ceremony also marked the delivery of overhauled and optimised anti-subsurface SH3D helicopters, an SRN6 hovercraft and anti-surface AB212 helicopter, in addition to a sea patrol F27 aircraft equipped with indigenously built torpedoes.

Last week, the Iranian Navy launched three domestically built combat, simulator and radar systems.

A new sea-based Samen surface fire control system, which was unveiled during the event, can track surface and air targets, in addition to tracing 40 surface and one air target simultaneously.

Iran also introduced a simulator system for divers departing from Midget submarines. These can also be deployed for emergency exit practice.

The navy’s S and X navigation radar project makes use of data fusion and has the potential to be deployed in a network.

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