The Iranian Navy has successfully launched overhauled missile-launching ships including the Neyzeh and Tabarzin, the Sirjan logistic ship, the Lavan chopper carrier and the SH3D combat helicopter into its military fleet to boost its naval capabilities.

The launch of Neyzeh, Tabarzin and Sirjan, equipped with different advanced weapons and radar systems, follows the completion of a year-long overhauling programme and improvement of their defensive capabilities.

Iranian Navy engineering and technical affairs deputy commander Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini told Fars News Agency that the re-launch of the newly modernised Neyzeh, Tabarzin and Sirjan warships into operation demonstrates that the Iranian Navy’s experts have the ability to overhaul light and heavy vessels without relying on foreign experts.

"After 12 months of repairs work and 328,000 man/hour of working, Iranian experts managed to indigenise 7,500 sensitive parts of Sirjan logistics warship," Zamini said.

Navy commanders said that the Lavan chopper carrier’s overhaul programme involved the renovation and operationalising of hydraulic systems.

Commenting on the overhaul of Neyzeh, Tabarzin and Sirjan warships, Zamini said: "The important measures taken on these warships included increasing their deterrence power through mounting missile launching systems and a 76mm cannon fire system and linking them to an integrated control system, mounting navigation radar systems, mounting rudder system and also overhauling, mounting and operating three main engines and two main generators."

The SH3D combat helicopter has also undergone nearly 20 months of overhaul repairs and seven months of tests prior to its launch.

The Lavan vessel has been designed to carry RH and SH helicopters as well as armoured personnel carriers.