Jamaran frigate

The Iranian Navy will launch its modernised warship, dubbed Lavan, on 28 November, Iranian Navy commander rear admiral Habibollah Sayyari said.

Farsnews Agency cited Sayyari as saying to reporters in Tehran that the Iranian Navy will launch the overhauled Lavan warship, fitted with advanced weapons and radar systems, on the Iranian month of Azar 7, and will also unveil a number of important overhauled projects.

"The overhaul operations have been thoroughly made by the young and committed experts of the naval industry," Sayyari said.

In September, the warship has been upgraded with advanced weapons and radar systems to enhance its performance and fire power, Sayyari announced earlier.

"The warship needed an overhaul and equipment with the state-of-the-art technologies and therefore the warship’s weapons have been modernised."

"The warship needed an overhaul and equipment with the state-of-the-art technologies."

Changes have been made to the ship’s body as well as the sailing, sonar and radar systems, weapons and information-gathering sensors.

In June, Iran had also overhauled and modernised a vessel, named Bayandor, aimed to safeguard its territorial waters as well as to maintain security in regional and international waters.

Upgrades to the Bayandor ship involved installation of main engines, heat exchangers and fuel and oil systems as well as optimising the monitoring control systems.

The Iranian Navy currently developing another warship, known as Persian Gulf, for training navy personnel.

Earlier, Iranian defence ministry officials said the third generation of the home-made vessel, Jamaran-3, will enter service with the Iranian Navy by the end of the current Iranian year, which is from 21 March 2013 to 20 March 2014.

Image: Iranian Navy’s Jamaran vessel conducting mission at sea. Photo: courtesy of Aspahbod.

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