India’s first domestically constructed nuclear submarine INS Arihant is to undergo sea trials in the next few weeks.

The submarine is undergoing harbour acceptance trials phase, and will then be launched for sea trials that are likely to be completed by the end of 2014.

Press Trust Of India (PTI) cites navy staff (Submarine) chief assistant, rear admiral Sarat Babu as saying to reporters that the Indian Navy will provide every possible assistance and support during the extensive trials for the first of class submarine.

"INS Arihant will provide us with the option for sea-based strategic deterrence, the third leg of the triad," Babu said.

"We expect INS Arihant to finish its harbour trials in a few weeks and then head for sea trials."

"We expect INS Arihant to finish its harbour trials in a few weeks, a month or so, and then head for sea trials."

Meanwhile, work on the hulls of the second Arihant-class submarine, to be named INS Aridhaman, is underway at the ship-building centre at Visakhapatnam, India.

"All its capabilities will be tested as the third leg of the triad, the sea-based strategic deterrence, which will include firing of its ballistic missiles," Babu added.

India is currently negotiating with Russia for the lease of a second Akula-II class submarine, at a cost of around $1.5bn.

Capable of carrying all types of missiles, Arihant will have underwater ballistic missile launch capability as well as armed with range of anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles and torpedoes.

The nuclear-powered submarine can accommodate a crew of 95 and can cruise at a maximum surface speed and dived speed of 15k and 24k respectively.

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