The Indian Navy has received the second Saryu-class naval offshore patrol vessel (NOPV), INS Sunayna (P58) from Goa shipyard during a ceremony held in Goa.

The 105m-long vessel has been designed to support missions including surveillance and surface warfare operations, to prevent infiltration and transgression of maritime sovereignty for the Indian Navy.

The Goa shipyard-manufactured warship is powered by two SEMT Pielstick diesel engines and is armed with a 76mm super rapid Ottomelara gun, two 30mm close-in weapon system guns and six chaff launchers for self protection.

In addition, a remote control system which features the automatic power management system will electronically control the ship’s entire propulsion and power management.

Capable of monitoring sea lines of communication, defence of offshore oil installations and other critical offshore national assets, the boat can be used for escorting high value ships and fleet support operations.

"A remote control system will electronically control the ship’s entire propulsion and power management."

In addition to the latest navigational and early warning radars and integrated ESM system, the ship features a helicopter landing deck and hangar to enable the operation of an advanced light helicopter (ALH), as well as two rigid inflatable fast motor boats.

The 2,300t Saryu-class ships can cruise at speeds in excess of 25k, with a range of 6,000nm and can accommodate a crew of eight officers and 105 sailors.

The first Saryu-class NOPV, INS Saryu from Goa shipyard was delivered and commissioned to the Indian Navy in December 2012 and January 2013 respectively.

INS Sumitra and INS Sumedha, the third and fourth ships of the class, are expected to be delivered to the navy over next two years, according to Shipbuilding Tribune.

Image: INS Saryu conducting mission at sea. Photo: courtesy of

Defence Technology