The Indian Navy has plans to procure an advanced Integrated Combat System (ICS) to enhance the capabilities of its elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS) to carry out special operations.

According to Press Trust of India, the ICS will provide enhanced capabilities such as tactical awareness, remote monitoring, day and night surveillance, ballistic protection, communication and firepower at individual and group level.

The Navy’s Directorate of Special Operations and Diving has floated the request for information (RFI) for the ICS, which includes gear for both individual and group users.

The RFI for individual level involves lightweight helmets, head-mounted displays, tactical and soft ballistic vests along with communication equipment.

The group-level gear includes command and control and surveillance systems along with high-speed communication equipment.

The ICS specifications also include sniper sight, laser rangefinder and long-range thermal imager, and near IR laser pointer for combat groups for mission achievement.

The navy equipped the MARCOS with Israeli Tavor 21 Assault Rifles earlier this year.