HMS Vengeance

The UK Royal Navy’s Vanguard-class Trident missile-carrying submarine HMS Vengeance has successfully completed the £350m refit and long overhaul period and refuel (LOP(R)) programme.

Following the three-and-a-half year refit programme at Babcock’s Devonport Royal Dockyard, HMS Vengeance is scheduled to undergo sea trials before entering into service with the Royal Navy.

The refit milestone coincides with a £200m contract due to be signed by the UK Ministry of Defence with Babcock to undertake a planned period of maintenance for HMS Vanguard.

The four-year refit and refuel contract for HMS Vanguard is expected to secure more than 2,000 jobs at Babcock in Devonport, and involve over 100 companies subcontracting throughout the project.

"The four-year refit and refuel contract for HMS Vanguard is expected to secure more than 2,000 jobs,"

HMS Vanguard is the fourth and last of the Vanguard-class submarines to undergo a LOP(R).

UK Defence Minister Philip Dunne said: "As well as securing 2,000 highly skilled jobs at Devonport dockyard, this contract forms part of our £178bn plan to ensure our Armed Forces have the equipment they need and typifies what has proven to be a very successful programme of refuelling our fleet of nuclear submarines, which helps ensure their service into the 2030s.

"The protection and defence of the whole of the UK is the primary responsibility of government and the recent Strategic Defence and Security Review confirmed the Government’s commitment to maintaining the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent to deter the most extreme threats to our national security and way of life."

The refit and refuel contract for the 16,000t HMS Vanguard will involve replacement of the nuclear reactor core, an overhaul of submarine and missile launch systems, the addition of new submarine sonar equipment, upgrades to computer and communication systems, and replacement of equipment and machinery.

The UK’s four Vanguard-class submarines form the backbone of the UK’s Continuous At-Sea Deterrent.

Image: The UK Royal Navy’s Vanguard-class submarine. Photo: courtesy of UK Ministry of Defence / Crown Copyright.