The UK Royal Navy’s first Type 45-class destroyer HMS Daring (D32) is scheduled to participate in ballistic defence trials with the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) as part of a major research and development programme.

Conducted along with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the UK Missile Defence Centre (MDC), the testing will involve validating the ship’s ballistic targets detecting and tracking capability using Sampson radar in the Sea Viper anti-air missile system.

The defence trial will help the Royal Navy gain better understanding on the destroyer’s capability when dealing with ballistic missile threats.

Commenting on the new research and development approach, MDC head Simon Pavitt said, "Working with an operational platform will make a significant difference to our level of understanding and could contribute both financially and technically towards any future programme."

With a displacement capacity of 7,350t, the 152.4m-long and 21.2m-wide destroyer can accommodate a crew of 235 and cruise at speeds in excess of 29k.

The ship’s Sampson multi-function radar can detect targets at a distance of 250m and S1850M 3D air-surveillance radar is capable of tracing 1,000 targets at up to 400m.

Capable of operating a range of helicopters from its flight deck, the Type-45 destroyer is designed to perform a wide range of missions including the support of land forces, and humanitarian and anti-smuggling roles.

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