The UK Royal Navy’s first Type 45-class destroyer HMS Daring has set sail on its maiden deployment off the east of Suez to protect sea lanes in the Persian Gulf and to maintain the navy’s long-term presence in the region.

HMS Daring, joined by Lynx helicopters from 815 Naval Air Squadron and specialist Royal Marines from the Fleet Protection Group, will take command from the frigate HMS Argyll. During the seven-month deployment, the warship will conduct various operations ranging from countering piracy and safeguarding sea lanes to working with the UK’s allies in the region.

Daring’s navigator lieutenant Will Blackett said: "This ship was designed for anything and is ready for anything."

The deployment follows after HMS Daring completed extensive Operational Sea Training and trials conducted last year. The vessel is the first of six new £1bn Royal Navy destroyers, four of which have been delivered, with three ready for front-line duties. The 152.4m-long and 21.2m-wide destroyer has a displacement capacity of 7,350t, can accommodate a crew of 235 and cruises at a speed in excess of 29 knots.

The stealth frigate has been equipped with Phalanx automated Gatling guns to provide additional firepower to defend itself and other ships during escort missions. The ship is armed with the Sea Viper missile system, capable of defending against supersonic missiles, SAMPSON multi-function radar to detect targets at a distance of 250 miles and S1850M 3D air-surveillance radar for tracing 1,000 targets at up to 400 miles.

The Type-45 destroyer is designed to perform a wide range of missions including supporting land forces, and humanitarian and anti-smuggling roles, and is capable of operating a range of helicopters from its flight deck.