Harris has secured a $54m indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to supply the US Naval Research Laboratory with electronic warfare (EW) technology, as well as engineering services for the advanced decoy architecture project (ADAP).

Under the three-year contract, Harris will provide ADAP payloads designed to divert missiles from their intended targets with advanced electronic techniques.

The rapid-deployment payload will enhance the navy’s EW capabilities, enabling it to meet current and future mission requirements.

The ADAP payloads are an upgrade to the existing Nulka decoy, currently in service with the US Navy, Coast Guard, the Royal Australian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Navy.

Harris electronic warfare systems business unit president Rich Sorelle said: "Programmes like ADAP help ensure that the navy’s tactical EW capabilities remain at the cutting edge as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

"Harris continues to demonstrate its commitment to navy EW and mission success."

"By supporting the rapid deployment of this new capability, Harris continues to demonstrate its commitment to navy EW and mission success in the electromagnetic spectrum."

The contract also requires Harris to provide research engineering services.

The Nulka rocket-propelled active-decoy system is integrated with a hovering rocket, autonomous system, and electronic technologies.

It offers all-weather defence capability for warships by directing missiles away from their intended target.

Harris was recently awarded an $800m IDIQ contract from the US Army to provide expeditionary warfare products and services to the Army Research Lab (ARL).

The contract was awarded under the advanced expeditionary warfare development (AEWD) contract vehicle, which provides research and advanced technology for demonstration, validation, and operations in expeditionary and Special Forces operations.