The Egyptian Government has signed an agreement with Germany for the procurement of two Howaldtswerke-Deutche Werft (HDW)-built SSK Manthatisi-class Type-209 submarines aimed at boosting its naval fleet capability, Egypt’s Naval commander Osama Ahmed el-Gendy has announced.

Speaking during naval manoeuvres between Egypt and Greece, Ahmed el-Gendy told Egypt’s al-Ahram newspaper that the existing submarines, which are operational with the Egyptian Navy, are capable of conducting tasks and can respond to missions in the Mediterranean or Red Sea.

"The Egyptian military is always looking to the future at to the latest innovations," el-Gendy said.

The naval commander also revealed plans to procure four US-built FMC missile ships in 2013, as well as rescue, towing and additional vessels from Holland and Turkey.

"The Egyptian military is always looking to the future at to the latest innovations."

Manthatisi-class boats feature an Atlas Elektronik ISUS 90 integrated sensor underwater system, a non-hull-penetrating mast, and search radar, as well as a sonar suite comprising of Atlas Elektronik CSU 90 hull-mounted passive and active search-and-attack sonar and flank sonar arrays.

Equipped with a Saab Grintek Avionics electronic support measures system, the Type-209 submarines also feature non-hull-penetrating mast consisting of an optronic sensor with a high-definition resolution colour video camera and an advanced thermal imager.

Armed with eight 533mm bow torpedo tubes, the submarine is capable of carrying up to 14 torpedoes and is powered by diesel electric propulsion system based on four MTU 12V 396 diesel engines.

Capable of accommodating a crew of 30, the 62m-long submarines are 7.6m wide and have a maximum surfaced speed of 10k.

Built in 1960s, the Type-209 diesel-electric vessels are currently in service with other navies in Turkey, Greece, Argentina, Brazil and Indonesia.

Image: The Republic of Korea Navy also operates a Type-209 submarine. Photo: courtesy of PH1 David A Levy, US Navy.