The German Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) has awarded a contract to Hydroid to deliver six REMUS 100 autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) to boost capabilities of the national navy’s mine divers.

Previously, the German Bundeswehr Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons (WTD 71) conducted extensive trials on REMUS 100 systems in Eckernfoerde, Germany.

Under the contract, Hydroid will provide operational training of military personnel during the next 12 months in addition to supplying AUVs.

"The REMUS 100 weighs less than 37kg (80lb) and can conduct missions in underwater depths of up to 100m."

Hydroid Europe director Graham Lester said the company would collaborate with BWB and Bornhöft Industriegeraete GmbH to introduce REMUS technology into the German Navy for enhancing mine countermeasure (MCM) operations in shallow water operations.

Integrated with side-scan sonar and other oceanographic sensors, the easy-to-handle REMUS 100 AUV can navigate pre-programmed missions by using transponder interrogation and DVL-aided inertial dead reckoning.

The compact, lightweight AUV uses recorded data to detect mines, lost objects, debris and wrecks and collecting topographic ocean floor mapping for hydrographic and scientific applications.

Capable of configuring with a variety of standard and customer-specified sensors to meet mission requirements, the REMUS 100 weighs less than 37kg (80lb) and can conduct missions in underwater depths of up to 100m.

In addition to hydrographic surveys, the modular REMUS AUVs can be used to support harbour security operations, debris field mapping, scientific sampling and mapping, as well as many basic and applied research programmes.

REMUS has delivered more than 300 vehicles to 13 navies worldwide to protect people from threats.