Peruvian Navy

GE has been selected by Freire Shipyard to provide a suite of marine solutions for the Peruvian Navy’s first-ever diesel electric propelled vessel.

Under the contract, the company will provide electric power and propulsion system with SeaStream Dynamic Positioning (DP) and automation system for the research vessel.

Being built in Vigo at Freire Shipyard, the Peruvian Navy’s research vessel will be deployed to conduct research in Polar regions.

“The Peruvian Navy’s research vessel will be deployed to conduct research in Polar regions.”

GE’s electric propulsion system, fitted with an anti-vibration motor, will help meet the navy’s low underwater noise requirement.

The system will also help meet DNV GL’s maritime Silent-A Class notation, which is necessary for the vessel to conduct research tasks effectively.

Developed by GE Marine Solutions, the low-voltage electric propulsion system, including generators, switchboard, MV3000 variable frequency drives, and motors, is said to provide a high redundancy rate and will promote fuel efficiency.

The low-voltage electric propulsion system, coupled with GE’s SeaStream DP, will pave the way for further reduction in fuel consumption.

GE Marine Solutions business president and CEO Tim Schweikert said: "GE’s vast experience in providing similar solutions has allowed us to help the Peruvian Navy build an advanced research ship that will operate efficiently, reliably and with minimal environmental impact even in the most hostile environments."

GE Marine has also provided equipment suite and solutions to the French research vessel, Pourquoi Pas, and the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa.

Image: GE to provide marine solutions to Freire Shipyard for Peruvian research vessel. Photo: courtesy of GE Corporation.