The US Navy has awarded a contract to Ge Intelligent Platforms to supply its PowerXtreme Power7E single board computers in support of Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT) programme.

GE Intelligent Platforms Military & Aerospace Embedded Computing president Al DiLibero said, "The US Navy, US Army and US Air Force continue to invest heavily in the safety of our troops by providing them with access to the very best in training and simulation, ensuring that they are always as well prepared as possible for any situation that may arise."

"The versatile, flexible and highly reliable PowerXtreme range of single board computers has long been the computing platform of choice for the deployment of these advanced capabilities," Al DiLibero added.

As a critical element of the BFTT system, the Power7E single board computer provides real-time data processing functions and is one among the PowerXtreme 6U VME range of single board computers that uses Freescale PowerPC processor technology.

The Power7E single board computer enables advanced simulation/training for the warfighters by supporting BBFT system that provides comprehensive and coordinated training environment around the ship’s combat system.

The BBFT programme is aimed to deliver optimum training and simulation capabilities to US Navy ships while maximising sailor safety.

A highly flexible, interactive single ship, group, or force level tactical combat system trainer, the BFTT has been intended to provide training to enhance naval combat readiness.

In order to develop and maintain proficiencies that are essential in today’s battlefield environment, BFTT provides critical training capability for the complex modern shipboard combat system.