General Dynamics (GD) Canada has received a contract to modernise four SH-2G Super Seasprite helicopters for the Peruvian Navy, in a bid to bolster its surveillance and search and rescue capabilities.

As part of the agreement, GD Canada will rebuild and upgrade four helicopters, and overhaul a fifth.

All four helicopters will be equipped with GD’s integrated mission system, which is aimed at improving the operational potential of the Peruvian Navy.

"The Peruvian Navy will gain real-time access to accurate and useful situational awareness intelligence."

Furthermore, GD Canada is working on a scheme with Kaman Aerospace, the original equipment manufacturer of Super Seasprite helicopters, to assist during the upgrade and installation of the mission system into the helicopters.

GD Canada vice-president Brian Fava said: "The Peruvian maritime requirement shares many similarities with Canada, and these demanding challenges lend themselves to the sophisticated technology developed and delivered into Canada’s aurora incremental modernisation programme and the CH 148 maritime helicopter project.

"By leveraging this Canadian solution, the Peruvian Navy will gain real-time access to accurate and useful situational awareness intelligence provided by our integrated sensor suite, allowing operators to conduct complex surface and sub-surface maritime, blue water and littoral surveillance and search and rescue operations."

The Peruvian mission system will use GD’s Sonobouy Acoustics and Stores Management systems and deliver information to involved operators through a configured management system. It will also offer situational awareness to detect, track and engage targets in a range of operations and scenarios.

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