General Dynamics (GD) Advanced Information Systems (AIS) has signed two contract modifications to offer continued support to the AN / BYG-1 combat control system, which is integrated on submarines deployed by the US Navy and Royal Australian Navy.

Work under the contract forms part of the AN / BYG-1 modernisation programme for the tactical control systems (TCS) and weapons control systems (WCS).

As part of the $50m agreement, the company will provide fleet operators and commanders of both navies with a common operational representation that bolsters real-time intelligence and enhances situational awareness.

"GD has been working with the US and Australian navies on the AN / BYG-1 upgrade programme since 2003."

GD AIS Integrated Platform Solutions line of business vice-president and general manager Mike Eagan said: "We are dedicated to helping the US and Royal Australian Navies advance their mission with cost-effective, innovative, agile and reliable solutions.

"By introducing our open architecture framework into these legacy systems, we can quickly insert relevant technologies onto the submarine’s open platforms to meet the fast-changing mission needs of today’s fleet."

Using the open architecture framework, the advanced capabilities developed by commercial, defence and academic units can be rapidly integrated on a yearly or two-year basis.

Furthermore, the common processing baseline across all submarines also improves the self-governing, yet parallel, development and certification of the TCS and WCS.

GD has been working with the US and Australian navies on the AN / BYG-1 upgrade programme since 2003.

The AN / BYG-1 common processing baseline has also been developed and installed across domestic and international submarine classes, ranging from the US Navy’s Los Angeles, Seawolf, Virginia and SSGN-class submarines to the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class submarines.

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