General Dynamics Canada has commissioned its new Undersea Warfare EDGE innovation centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in a bid to support the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) efforts to bolster its operational capabilities.

The company’s 17th facility in the EDGE Innovation Network will be aimed at harnessing technology to make the Canadian industry capable of meeting the requirements of the navy, while supporting a continuous innovation lifecycle.

Initially, the new facility will attempt to meet Canada’s defence and security requirements for the Canadian Surface Combatant, alongside the complete range of undersea warfare operations, including Canada’s Arctic domain.

"Each EDGE member brings to the partnership unique perspectives and experiences, as well as their expertise."

General Dynamics C4 Systems International vice-president David Ibbetson said: "We are honoured to sponsor the latest EDGE innovation centre in our facility in Nova Scotia.

"Each EDGE member brings to the partnership unique perspectives and experiences, as well as their expertise.

"This combination helps to rapidly bring to market innovative solutions that can be applied at home, as well as exported to the world.

"Participating in the EDGE is especially helpful for small businesses, as it gives them an unprecedented platform to showcase their innovation and capability on the international stage."

Located within the company’s 46,000ft² facility in Nova Scotia, close to major Canadian military naval and air bases, the new facility enables military personnel to visit and connect with the EDGE team and its global members to trial new technologies and products directly.

In addition to the latest sensor technology, novel signal processing and display techniques, the new centre is also equipped with improved automatic detection and classification, multi-sensor integration for maximum situational awareness, and integrated undersea warfare training systems.

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