aircraft carrier

Frequentis Defense has delivered the first three naval shipboard air traffic control communications (SATCC) systems, AN/SSC-13, to the US Navy.

Following the successful completion of the first article test, the air traffic control (ATC) system’s delivery also marks its first use on the future navy fleet upgrade programme.

Frequentis Defense president Jeff Clute said that the SATCC system will serve the navy well for many more years in the future.

"This is the culmination of 14 months of substantial engineering effort in order to provide the US Navy [with] a sustainable, robust, and compliant communications suite for the sailors and aviators onboard Carriers (CVN) and Amphibious (LHD/A) ships," Clute added.

Featuring Frequentis commercial off the shelf (COTS) technology, the SATCC system is integrated with a VCS 3020X voice switch and a number of purpose-built operator or controller working positions.

"The test system has undergone rigorous military standards testing."

The company used the US Navy’s legacy mounting points and cabling technology to develop the system, enabling it to save costs as part of the refit programme.

The test system has undergone rigorous military standards testing, including vibration, shock and environmental tests, and has been installed as a training system in Norfolk, Virginia, US.

In addition to undergoing testing for electromagnetic interference, the system also validated its capability when exposed to environmental conditions such as cold, heat, fog, humidity, salt and rain.

The US Navy had placed orders for two additional systems in early 2012 for the old amphibious assault ship upgrade programme.

Image: A US Navy aircraft carrier. Photo courtesy of Frequentis.