French ship builder DCNS has awarded a contract to Terma for the delivery of two Scanter 6000 naval surveillance radars for integration into the French Navy carrier, Charles de Gaulle (R91).

Commissioned in 2001, Charles de Gaulle is claimed to be the largest Western European warship, and is the tenth French aircraft carrier.

When integrated on the vessel, the Scanter radar systems will serve as a multi-role sensor system and assist the navy in navigation and tactical surface and air surveillance, search and rescue, and helicopter control.

"The Scanter radar systems will serve as a multi-role sensor system."

Specifically designed to bridge the gap between standard marine navigation radars and costly military surveillance radar systems, the Scanter 6000 is a coherent, X-band 2D solid-state radar aimed at delivering improved surface and low airspace situational awareness.

Terma has previously delivered and installed the Scanter 6000 on the French Navy’s offshore patrol vessel (OPV), L’Adroit.

The company claims that the radar’s enhanced resolution enables detection, even in high sea and weather clutter conditions.

Furthermore, the Scanter 6000 can deliver simultaneous small target detection, helicopter guidance, and large and small target detection at close and highest range, while maintaining improved performance against non-cooperative targets in unfavourable weather conditions.

It is already operational with the US Navy’s Stiletto vessel and the Danish Navy’s Frigate Iver Huitfeldt. It has also been delivered to the German and UAE navies for new OPV and update projects.

Terma has been supporting the French Fregate Europeenne Multi-Missions (FREMM) programme since 2007 and supplied Scanter 2001 for the first seven vessels of the programme. The company also signed a follow-on contract in 2012 for the next four vessels.

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