Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri has launched the third of four U212A Todaro-class submarines, Pietro Venuti, for the Italian Navy.

Built as part of an order from the Central Unit for Naval Armament (NAVARM), the vessel will be joined by the Romeo Romei submarine. They will replace the navy’s ageing Sauro-class Prini and Pelosi vessels upon their delivery in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Powered by a silent propulsion system based on fuel cell technology that generates energy via oxygen-hydrogen, the new 183ft-long vessel reportedly boasts a surface displacement of approximately 1,600t and a submerged speed of more than 16k. It can accommodate a 27-member crew.

"The vessel features an integrated electro-acoustic and weapon-control system."

Furthermore, the vessel features an integrated electro-acoustic and weapon-control system, in addition to a new platform automation system.

Fincantieri also delivered the Todaro and Scirè submarines as part of the submarine construction project launched in 1994 with the German Submarine Consortium.

In addition, Fincantieri signed an agreement for the naval vessels sector with Finmeccanica, as part of efforts to improve competitiveness in national and international markets, as well as the technical and commercial interaction between the Naval Vessels Business Unit.

Both companies will analyse the prospect of developing a mutual net of suppliers for domestic products and parts.

Finmeccanica will deliver skills, products and technologies related to combat, weapons and surveillance systems that can comply with wide range of customer requirements.

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