ECA Group has secured a new contract to deliver consumables for the French Navy's PAP demining remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The five-year contract was awarded by the French Ministry of Armed Forces and is valued at more than €4m, with a maximum of up to €8m depending on utilisation frequency.

ECA Group previously supplied the first set of mine disposal vehicles PAP to the French Navy in 1977.

Logistical support and the delivery of spares and consumables comprise an integral part of naval robotics services due to the fact that sea-based environments necessitate a certain level of maintenance for equipment and systems throughout their lifespan, particularly subsea drone units.

"The PAP MK6 is able to manoeuvre in strong currents and can withstand rough environmental conditions due to its high-powered propulsion capabilities."

The French Navy’s demining PAPs will continue to operate until mid-2020. They will then be gradually replaced with the delivery of future demining systems, following the Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) FR / UK evaluation programme.

PAP MK6 is a self-propelled ROV featuring a high carrying capacity, which is primarily used for mine warfare. The vehicle is able to manoeuvre in strong currents and can withstand rough environmental conditions due to its high-powered propulsion capabilities.

It is also equipped with user-friendly command and control software, which enables auto-piloting functions.

ECA Group's Unmanned Mine Counter Measure Integrated System (UMIS) is a flexible solution that can be used in a wide range of configurations, as well as being compatible for deployment on mine counter measure vessels (MCMVs).

Image: PAP system used by the French Navy. Photo: courtesy of ECA Group.