Thales radar

The Royal Netherlands Navy will use Thales’ new NS100 radar system on its landing-platform dock amphibious warfare ship HNLMS Rotterdam.

Aimed at replacing the ageing 30-year old DA08 radar system, the NS100 will be installed in 2017 during the vessel’s maintenance schedule.

Thales surface radar vice-president Geert van der Molen said: "The NS100 radar confirms Thales’ leading position worldwide in naval radar systems.

"Its unique dual-axis multi-beam technology gives the user a definite advantage in modern day missions."

The system provides the Goalkeeper close-in weapon systems with a 3D cue.

"The NS100 will be installed in 2017 during the vessel’s maintenance schedule."

The integration of the radar makes the Royal Netherlands Navy one of the first navies globally to deploy the latest standard.

NS100 is the latest S-band AESA radar family and the new multi-sensor integrated platform integrates dual-axis multi-beam technology, which improves situational awareness in littoral environments.

Together with the S-band radar, the system can be integrated with the Scout Mk3 FMCW radar, the IFF mode 5 / S interrogator and transponder, an IR camera, AIS and ADS-B.

According to Thales, the overall field of view can be optimised by positioning all sensors at the best topside arrangement.

The sensor can be customised to meet user requirements and operational profiles, while the radar performance can be increased with the addition of RX and TX building blocks.

Image: The NS100 naval surveillance radar will be integrated during the vessel’s maintenance schedule. Photo: courtesy of Thales.