DSIT has received a contract from an undisclosed Mediterranean navy customer for the delivery of its AquaShield diver detection sonar (DDS) system.

The company manufactures the AquaShield ER SDV detection sonar (SDS), AquaShield diver detection sonar (DDS) and the PointShield portable diver detection sonar (PDDS).

DSIT CEO Benny Sela said: "Although DSIT has recently received multiple orders for its solutions from energy companies, we still put a lot of effort in maintaining our leading position in the defence market.

"In the last few weeks, DSIT has received orders from two energy facilities and a navy."

"We do so not only by offering the market the best performing underwater security systems, but also by providing to customers the lowest cost per square metre of coverage.

"This cost benefit is even more relevant today with [the] budget cuts and financial limitations that many of our customers have experienced recently."

Aimed at protecting the underwater perimeter of a strategic coastal asset, the systems support automatic operation with greater detection possibility and low false-alarm rate.

DSIT’s AquaShield DDS has also been offered in three configuration models for maximum flexibility, including 120°, 240° or 360°, as per the geography of the site to be protected.

DSIT Sales and Marketing vice-president, Dan Ben-Dov said: "In the last few weeks, DSIT has received orders from two energy facilities and a navy.

"Our customer base now includes oil terminals, nuclear power plants, navies, coast guards, border security services, shipyards, defence and security integrators, and others."

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