The French Navy Fleet Support Department has contracted DCNS for the routine maintenance of the Le Triomphant-class ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs).

The through-life support contract requires DCNS to maintain four Brest-based SSBNs, Le Triomphant, Le Téméraire, Le Vigilant, and Le Terrible, for a period of nine years.

The latest deal is a direct follow-on to the previous SSBN routine maintenance contracts, DCNS said in a statement.

"Nearly 500 DCNS employees will carry out the routine maintenance works."

Nearly 500 DCNS employees will carry out the routine maintenance works, which will cover over fifty technical shut-downs until 2025 on Le Triomphant-class, type M51 SSBNs, and each of which will last a few weeks between two patrol missions.

DCNS said that it will locally subcontract part of the work related to handling and painting, and will rely on the main system suppliers for certain specific installations. It serves as the prime contractor for the main fairings of the submarines.

The 138m-long vessel is capable of travelling at a maximum speed of more than 25k and can accommodate 15 officers and 96 sailors.

Under the previous contracts, DCNS is the prime contractor for technical shut-downs and associated logistics, engineering services and maintenance of crew-training platforms.

Since 2010, the company has been working on its adaptation so it could carry the new M51 (IA M51) strategic missile developed under the project management of the French Defence Procurement and Technology Agency (DGA).

Image: DCNS to maintain Le Triomphant-class ballistic missile submarines. Photo: © DCNS.