DCI, in consortium with SCS, has been awarded Naval Training Support Study (NTSS) contract by the European Defence Agency (EDA).

Under the contract, the company will conduct a study on the training fields regarding navigation, mine warfare and diving.

The NTSS projecthas been initiated by the European Union for sharing and pooling military capacities of the member states to reduce costs and optimise the efficiency of European Defence capabilities.

DCI will align military needs while working in close cooperation for research, training courses and exercises as well as share the same procedures and command structures.

DCI-NAVFCO executive vice-president admiral Bruno Nielly said the company will be part of the search for synergies, which are strengthening the European Security and Defence Policy.

"DCI is proud to work jointly with the EDA on this study," Nielly said. "Thanks to this project, we are able to prove once again that we are experts in the naval training field."

The one-year project aims to conduct a study for each concerned field and to provide landscape of existing capabilities; propose possible common requirements; derive shortfalls based on the gap analysis, as well as to propose recommendations to solve them.

Defence Technology