Damen Shipyards Group has delivered the first new LoFlo ballast water treatment systems (BWTS), for installation on-board the Royal Netherlands Navy’s (RNLN) submarine support ship and torpedo tender HNLMS Mercuur (A900).

The LoFlo 60 installation will be carried out in January 2016. The HNLMS Mercuur (A900) is currently undergoing a maintenance and refit programme at Damen Shipyards Den Helder in the Netherlands.

The LoFlo BWTS will help RNLN to comply with the new ballast water discharge regulations, International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention, which is expected to come into force in November 2016.

"We’re delighted to see the first of our LoFlo series being prepared for installation."

Powered by BioSea, the LoFlo system is designed to meet the needs of smaller vessels, such as superyachts, and offshore, utility support and auxiliary vessels.

The IMO-type approved LoFlo units can be installed in a modular arrangement, or can be supplied in a compact form, mounted on a skid for easy and efficient, ‘plug-and-play’ integration on-board the vessel.

Damen Ballast Water Treatment Systems manager Gert-Jan Oude Egberink said: "We’re delighted to see the first of our LoFlo series being prepared for installation. This is all part of the Damen policy of assisting owners in meeting the ballast water management challenges via our worldwide, one-stop-shop BWT retrofitting capability.

"With our new products we are meeting market requirements for easy, reliable retrofitting within a very short timeframe."

Damen has partnered with Trojan Marinex, BioSea and Evoqua Water Technologies to provide a full range of BWT retrofit solutions.