HMCS Fredericton

The Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) HMCS Fredericton has joined standing Nato maritime forces in Lisbon, Portugal, as part of Operation Reassurance, in a bid to support Nato-led maritime assurance measures in the Mediterranean Sea.

HMCS Fredericton is replacing the RCN’s HMCS Toronto, which has been performing maritime security operations and joint Nato training exercises since August 2014.

Canadian Joint Operations Command commander lieutenant general Jonathan Vance said: "HMCS Toronto’s performance over the last seven months set a high standard for future maritime deployments in the region, as her ship’s company consistently provided outstanding service to Canada and her Nato allies in support of Nato assurance measures.

"HMCS Fredericton is replacing the RCN’s HMCS Toronto."

"HMCS Fredericton will build on these accomplishments, providing the Government of Canada and Nato with a highly versatile and robust maritime asset that can quickly and effectively respond to ongoing and emerging Nato requirements."

As part of the operation, which aims to promote security and stability in Central and Eastern Europe, the Canadian Armed Forces will provide military capabilities for training, exercises, shows and assigned Nato tasks.

HMCS Fredericton has been equipped with a new combat management system and radar capability, as well as a new electronic warfare system, modernised communications and missiles, and a new integrated platform management system.

Image: HMCS Fredericton in Lisbon, Portugal, to support Nato-led maritime assurance measures. Photo: courtesy of the Government of Canada.