T-44C jet

CAE has received two contracts to provide a range of training systems and services for defence customers.

Under the first contract, which has nine-month base period of performance for $3.5m and six one-year options valued at a total of more than $30m, CAE will provide comprehensive T-44C aircrew training services at Naval Air Station (NAS) Corpus Christi in Texas, US.

In addition to providing T-44C aircrew training services under a contractor-owned, contractor-operated training programme, CAE will provide a suite of new T-44C training devices to ensure concurrency with T-44C aircraft’s digital, glass cockpit avionics suite, as part of the T-44C aircrew training programme.

Annually, the company will also provide classroom and simulator training for more than 500 students to support the US Navy’s T-44C aircraft, designed for multi-engine intermediate and advanced flight training.

CAE’s US president and general manager, Ray Duquette, said the company will provide required T-44C training devices and then deploy the new training devices into service to support the overall T-44C training programme.

"We believe this approach to training service delivery can help our military customers save money, decrease risk, secure investment and contribute to enhanced training effectiveness," Duquette said.

"We believe this approach to training service delivery can help our military customers save money."

Under the second contract awarded by the US Navy, CAE will develop an MH-60R mission operational flight trainer (MOFT) for the Royal Danish Navy as part of the US foreign military sale (FMS) programme.

The company will design, manufacture and deliver the MH-60R MOFT full-motion simulator in 2016 to Karup Air Base in Denmark.

Featuring CAE Medallion-6000 image generator and common database (CDB) architecture, the MH-60R MOFT include an onboard flight instructor station, as well as off-board stations for the tactics instructor, debriefing, and database development.

CAE Defence and Security group president Gene Colabatistto said: "We are continuing to be successful with platforms where we have a strong position such as the MH-60R as well as pursue and win a range of turnkey training programmes, such as the US Navy T-44C."

Image: a T-44C aircraft takes off at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Photo: courtesy of US Navy.

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