SHARC-P8 vehicle

Boeing has collaborated with unmanned ocean vehicles manufacturer Liquid Robotics to build integrated technologies for deployment in anti-submarine warfare, maritime domain awareness and other maritime defence applications.

Mainly aimed at advancing unmanned ocean systems for integrated defence solutions, the new collaboration will target product development, maritime services and operational deployments.

Boeing Defense, Space & Security president and CEO Chris Chadwick said: "It’s a great opportunity to partner with Liquid Robotics to provide new and existing customers a unique portfolio of defence solutions and capabilities.

"This relationship allows the Boeing-Liquid Robotics team to solve maritime security and surveillance challenges in entirely new and highly effective ways, and provides unprecedented capability and value to customers worldwide."

"We look forward to teaming with Boeing to expand domestic and international opportunities."

As part of the deal, Boeing Defense, Space & Security will combine its experience in building and fielding multi-layered intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance offerings with Liquid Robotics’ autonomous ocean technology.

Liquid Robotics president and CEO Gary Gysin said: "We look forward to teaming with Boeing to expand domestic and international opportunities that combine Boeing’s expertise in aircraft systems and integrated defence solutions with Liquid Robotics’ expertise in persistent unmanned ocean vehicles.

"Together, Boeing and Liquid Robotics will provide customers [with] an integrated, seafloor-to-space capability for long duration maritime defence."

Established in 2007, Liquid Robotics has developed the wave-powered, autonomous Wave Glider marine robot, which is claimed to be the world’s first of its kind, for deployment in national security and defence applications.

Image: A graphical representation of the Boeing and Liquid Robotics’ collaboration to increase unmanned ocean systems for integrated defence applications. Photo: courtesy of Liquid Robotics.

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