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BMT Group (BMT) has achieved a higher level of sponsorship for the country’s premier organisation the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) for promoting submarine matters.

The SIA was established in 1999 and aims to promote informed discussion and research in the areas of submarine operations, engineering, history, and commercial sub-sea engineering.

BMT Defence Sector director David Bright said: "Our sponsorship of the SIA will support their work in facilitating informed debate and the sharing of reputable knowledge across the submarine enterprise.

"We look forward to our continued participation in this community."

With its subsidiary BMT Design & Technology, the group has completed ten years of presence in the Australian market and currently offers a range of engineering design, analysis, procurement and sustainment services to support the country’s naval materiel.

SIA president Andy Keough said: "That BMT has agreed to take such a high level is a wonderful vote of confidence in the future of the submarine enterprise here in Australia, and provides us with access to impartial and professional international expertise."

"Our sponsorship of the SIA will support their work in facilitating informed debate and the sharing of reputable knowledge."

In June, BMT Design & Technology received a research grant to develop a risk analysis and evaluation of emerging technologies, challenges and design solutions to support Australia’s SEA1000 future submarine programme.

This research scheme is aimed to enable industry and DSTO to carry out collaborative research with DSI participating universities.This year, the scheme received more than 30 research proposals, seeking over $1.4m in funding.

This project will primarily seek to review the range of possible technologies that could be integrated into the future submarine.

In addition, it will deliver a risk-based assessment of all components and sub-components of the future submarine fire-safety system.

Image: SIA is the Australia’s premier organisation for promoting submarine matters. Photo: courtesy of BMT Group Ltd.