The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress of a potential foreign military sale of 35m-long fast patrol boats (FPB) to the Government of Bahrain.  

Bahrain has requested two 35m-long FPBs as part of the $60.25m sale.

Each of the vessels will be equipped with one MK38 Mod 3 25mm gun weapon system and a SeaFLIR 380 HD forward looking infrared (FLIR) device.

Communication and support equipment, as well as spare and repair parts would also be provided under the deal. 

Additionally, the proposed sale covers tools and test equipment, technical data and publications, and personnel training.

US Government and contractor engineering, technical and logistics support services and other related elements of logistics and programme support are also included in the contract.

"Each of the vessels will be equipped with one MK38 Mod 3 25mm gun weapon system and a SeaFLIR 380 HD forward looking infrared (FLIR) device."

US Government and contractor representatives will participate in the programme and conduct the necessary technical reviews for a period of two years as part of the agreement, including boat reactivation and boat systems training activities.

SwiftShips will serve as the principal contractor for the FPBs, while BAE Systems will be responsible for the MK38 Mod 3 25mm gun weapon system and Flir Systems will deliver SeaFlir Model 380 HD FLIR device.

The Royal Bahrain Naval Force will use the FPBs to improve its military's ability to fulfil missions such as self-defence, maritime security and counter-terrorism.

Bahrain is also expected to use the capability to deter regional threats, as well as defend its homeland and enhance interoperability with the US and various regional allies.