UK Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier

BAE Systems has selected QinetiQ’s Paramarine advanced marine design software in the assessment phase for the UK Royal Navy’s Type 26 Global Combat Ship (T26 GCS) design.

The advanced marine design software is being used for the early stage design and structural development of the T26 GCS warship, which will enter into the Royal Navy’s service in 2021.

BAE Systems Maritime Naval Ships Hull & Structure engineering manager Chris Muskett said that Paramarine enables users to develop and test scores of options in the early design stage and at the same time allows them to very rapidly gain a powerful insight into the impact of structural changes to aid the decision making process.

"Paramarine is a powerful and effective ship design solution which is very flexible, supported by a responsive and highly knowledgeable customer support team," Muskett added.

Paramarine is an easy-to-use, fully integrated naval architecture design and analysis software product built on a modern platform to support and handle the complexities of both ship and submarine.

The system features a unique and integrated set of tools which address concept design, performance prediction, strength and structures, radar cross section, powering, manoeuvring, endurance, sea keeping, vulnerability and production design.

Using a functional building block approach for advanced marine design, Paramarine enables 3D layout for the designers for the warship to rapidly define their concept design and assess the weight and space balance.

The software has also been used by the UK Navy to design and analyse new submarines and warships, including the Type 45 destroyer HMS Daring and the nuclear-powered, 97m-long HMS Astute submarine.

The T26 GCS programmes involves development of air defence, anti-submarine and general purpose ships to replace the Royal Navy’s aging Type 22 Broadsword-class and Type 23 Duke-class frigates.

Image: The Royal Navy’s T26 Global Combat Ship will enter into service in 2021. Photo: BAE Systems.