The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has signed an agreement with Atlas Elektronik to provide the SeaFox mine neutralisation drone in an effort to upgrade its minehunting capabilities.

As per the agreement, the company will supply three mobile SeaFox systems with the corresponding number of SeaFox I (Intelligence) units for inspection and training purposes.

Initially, a small number of SeaFox C (combat) units will also be provided to the navy for mine disposal over the next few years.

The SeaFox system is based on the expendable mine disposal vehicle principle (EMDV), and is equipped with several sensor systems, and autonomous surface and underwater vehicles to identify and destroy ground and attached mines without affecting the ship or its crew.

The reusable SeaFox I features a fibre-optic cable (FOC) dispensed from the carrier platform and is used for identification and training related to mine hunting.

The integrated warhead SeaFox C is a fibre-optic-guided, one shot mine disposal vehicle used for semi-autonomous disposal of naval mines and other ordnance.

SeaFox C also serves as ammunition for mine neutralisation and is fitted with a new mobile control unit and fuse to allow safe on-board recovery after deployment if unused.

The SeaFox systems are deployable from a wide range of carrier platforms, including dedicated MCM vessels, surface combatants, crafts, rubber boats and helicopters.

Currently, the RTN operates four mine countermeasures vessels equipped with Atlas-built mine warfare systems.

The vehicle is also used by the armed forces of the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, the UK, the US, Japan and Germany.