AEgis Technologies has received a contract to modify and deliver two improved moving target simulator (IMTS) training devices to provide upgraded Stinger training for the US Marine Corps (USMC).

Under the $9m contract, AEgis will provide fully immersive IMTS training systems at both Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, which are fully capable of supporting individual Stinger Missile team training exercises, for the USMC.

The $9m contract was awarded by the US Marine Corps System Command (MARSYSCOM) Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS) based in Orlando, Florida, US.

AEgis Technologies business development, technology solutions vice president Del Beilstein said, "AEgis has worked extensively in providing training and simulation solutions for both the US Army and US Air Force, and we are excited for the opportunity to deliver these IMTS devices for the United States Marine Corps."

The 360-degree IMTS training system has been designed to provide completely immersive training with high-fidelity sound and graphics, along with simulated weather, clouds, and background environments.

Featuring 40ft diameter hemispherical dome screen panels with multiple computer-generated images such as geometry correction and edge blending, the system enables up to three, two-person Stinger Missile teams to simultaneously train missile engagements against threat aircraft.

Real (inert) Stinger Missile tubes will be used by the teams to carry out missions while a robust instructor operator system (IOS) will track and score the training performance.

AEgis has provided the IMTS upgrade for the US Army’s 2nd Battalion, 6th Air Defense Artillery and the MH-47E as well as MH-60K combat mission simulator (CMS) legacy upgrade effort (LUE) for the Program Manager for SOF Training Systems, US Army PEO STRI.

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