The South African Navy has awarded a contract to Denel Land Systems for the maintenance of its guns and to provide associated support services.

The navy artillery includes a 76mm OTOMelera, a 76mm/62 super rapid medium-calibre automatic cannon, a Denel Land Systems GA35 35mm dual purpose automatic cannon and a SAN mk1 20mm automatic cannon.

The 76mm cannon is capable of hurling a 6kg projectile up to 8,000m at a rate of 120 rounds a minute, though the maximum range is 18,400m at 45°.

The GA35 twin-gun system can destroy attacking helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and surface-to-surface missiles against surface vessels and shore targets, in symmetrical and asymmetrical combat.

The SAN mk1 20mm automatic cannon is a standard lightweight weapon aboard the River Class inshore patrol vessels / mine countermeasures vessel, the Warrior Class offshore patrol vessel and Valour Class frigates.

The R10m contract was awarded in addition to the R2 304 622 award to EDH (SA) of Stellenbosch to support a 76mm muzzle velocity radar system.