The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has acquired the RSS Swordsman, the latest in Archer Class submarine technology, from Sweden.

The submarine is the second in the Northern Light project under which two Västergötland Class submarines, previously owned by the Swedish Navy, have been rebuilt, life-extended and modernised.

Singapore Minsiter for Education and Second Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen said the acquisition of the submarine was crucial to the development of RSN’s submarine capabilities.

“The RSN’s submarines are part of an integrated warfighting system that includes stealth frigates, naval helicopters, missile corvettes and mine-countermeasure vessels,” he said.

“Together with the Challenger Class submarines, RSS Archer and RSS Swordsman will enable the RSN to better fulfil its mission of protecting Singapore’s sea lines of communication and territorial integrity,” he added.

The training of the crew is coordinated with the Swedish Navy at the naval base in Karlskrona.