Russia is increasing its combat capabilities in the Arctic with new ships and additional station sites, Russian Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky has said.

“In accordance with the Russian Armed Forces’ plan of strategic deterrence, we are taking measures to demonstrate military presence in the Arctic,” he said.

The navy has plans to integrate the Glonass satellite system with the RSDN-20 radio-technical navigation system for accurate positions of objects with a range of 1km-5km.

Glonass is the Russian global navigation satellite system designed for military and civilian use, and the RSDN-20 is used to determine positions of aircraft, vessels and submarines.

Russian ships and submarines have conducted over ten military patrols of the Arctic so far this year, according to RIA Novosti.

The Arctic region is said to contain one quarter of the world’s mineral resources and countries with an Arctic coastline lay claims to the region’s seabed.