The Russian Northern Fleet destroyer, Vice-Admiral Kulakov, will return to service by the end of the year after an 18-year modernisation.

The Kulakov is a Project-1155 Udaloy Class destroyer which was commissioned in 1982 and retired for refits in March 1991.

The 162.99m-long destroyer, with displacement capacity of 6,200t and a range of 19,400km, can carry a crew of 300 and cruise at speeds of 35kt, according to RIA Novosti.

The destroyer is equipped with AK-100 artillery systems, Rastrub-B and RBU-6000 anti-submarine complexes, Kinzhal anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-submarine torpedoes and two Ka-27 Helix-series helicopters.

The modernisation programme was delayed due to lack of funding and plans to scrap the warship, however, the Russian ministry raised enough funds to complete the retrofits.

The warship will undergo tests in the Baltic Sea, after which it will return to its home base in the Kola Peninsula.