The Indian Navy will receive a Fast Attack Craft (FAC) vessel, Kalpeni, which is scheduled to be commissioned next month.

INS Kalpeni belongs to the Car Nicobar class in the FAC series, is the seventh vessel among ten ships and can cruise at speeds of 35kts, according to The Express Buzz.

The FAC is fitted with the 30mm CRN 91 gun and light, medium and heavy machineguns, while also being equipped with a reverse-osmosis technology drinking water plant and a sewerage treatment plant.

The vessel is used for search and rescue operations, naval patrol duties, detection and destruction of small and fast-moving targets, policing the coastal region, and anti-smuggling and fisheries protection.

The Indian Navy commanding officer Lieutanant Commander S Nathan said the vessel’s ability to stay for a long time in the sea will contribute to the coastal security efforts of the Navy.