Solazyme has completed the first delivery of 20,000gal of algal-derived Soladiesel HRF-76 fuel to the US Navy, marking the world’s largest delivery of 100% microbial-derived non-alcohol biofuel.

The fuel contract was awarded in 2009 for the US Navy, and included refining partner Honeywell’s UOP and their proprietary UOP/Eni Ecofining process technology.

HRF-76 is the renewable version and the primary shipboard fuel used by the navy.

The US Department of Defense (DoD) awarded two contracts to Solazyme in 2009 to research, develop and demonstrate production of biofuels to meet the navy’s specifications for ships and jets.

The company was recently awarded a third biofuels contract to produce an additional 150,000gal in 2010-2011, 7.5 times the previous order.