The South Korean Navy (ROK) is focusing on its operational and procurement plans for coastal defence readiness against North Korean invasion, according to the navy chief.

Admiral Kim Sung-Chan said the navy would draw up new tactics and strategies focused on preventing North Korean provocation.

“For instance, the navy will operate search and attack units consisting of two patrol ships in the West Sea,” he said.

The navy has plans to acquire naval defence systems such as anti-submarine warfare (ASW) equipment, minesweepers, anti-submarine helicopters and sonar systems, according to the Korean Times.

The ROK Navy built its open-seas capability by launching the 14,000t Dokdo landing platform helicopter, 7,600t KDX-III Aegis destroyers, 1,800t Type-214 submarines and 450t PKG class guided-missile boats.

The navy also launched its first squadron led by an Aegis destroyer, the KDX-III destroyer, and three 4,500t KDX-II destroyers, and has plans to inaugurate one more squadron later this year.