The US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) has awarded a contract to Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) systems for electro-optical sensor systems to protect surface vessels from terrorist attacks.

Under the $27.1m contract, FLIR will provide Star SAFIRE series electro-optical sensor (EOS) systems, FLIR sensor and laser detection, and a ranging tracking system.

EOS systems are rugged and ship-mountable systems that increase the range-finding capability of the existing optical and radar sensors for detecting and identifying potential terrorist or unconventional threats.

The sensor system is used by the Royal Danish Navy, the US Navy for the SPS/EOS programme, the US Coastguard, and other naval forces for surveillance and fire control, according to Military Aerospace.

The system will be used on Ticonderoga Class cruisers, amphibious assault ships and aircraft carriers by early 2012.