The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has exhibited its submarine rescue capability in joint rescue operations during the Pacific Reach 2010 exercise.

The RSN’s Deep Search and Rescue 6 (D-SAR 6), is a 10m-long, 3m-wide small submersible craft that can travel up to 15 hours without charging and is capable of accommodating 17 rescued and three crew members, according to Channel News Asia.

The M-V swift rescue ship will deploy the craft within 15 minutes whenever a submarine is in distress.

The craft can reach the submarine in 30 minutes depending on the depth and sea conditions and the trapped sailors are brought to the rescue ship for medical treatment through the escape hatch.

RSN took four years to achieve the submarine rescue capability.

Pacific Reach is an Asia-Pacific submarine rescue exercise to promote regional cooperation on submarine rescue being held from 17-25 August in Changi and the South China Sea.