Lockheed has been awarded a contract by the US Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) to continue to maintain and upgrade the tactical Tomahawk weapons control system (TTWCS).

Under the $50.7m contract, Lockheed will provide systems engineering, software development, hardware support, and management and to deal with hardware, software and interoperability obsolescence issues.

The TTWCS is a system that integrates with the ship’s navigation, communication, situational awareness and launch systems to provide weapon control for variants of the Tomahawk land attack missile.

The system also provides the capability to plan new missions on board and communicate with multiple Tomahawks to retarget and redirect the missiles in flight.

TTWCS’s unprecedented warfighting capability provides the US Navy with high-volume offensive strike firepower across many classes of combatant ships.

The system has also provided the UK Royal Navy’s Astute and Trafalgar Class submarines with similar firepower capability.