The Kit 65-67 series 650mm torpedoes that were banned from use after the Kursk nuclear-propelled submarine tragedy in August 2000 should be returned to the Russian Navy, according to a former North Fleet commander.

Admiral Oleg Yerofeyev said the fastest and most powerful torpedoes in the world must be returned to the force, according to RIA Novosti.

The 11m-long and 5t torpedo with a speed of over 50kt and a range of 50km uses hydrogen peroxide as fuel and can carry a nuclear warhead.

“Their construction is such that these torpedoes will always leak gas. This does not happen because of poor insulation, the process simply needs to be controlled,” Yerofeyev said.

Russian Navy commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said the Kit torpedoes were placed in reserve at depots and the navy had no plans to destroy them.